Selected Presentations:


Contributed Presentation, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada. "Measuring Ecological Stability in Systems Without Static Equilibria." <link>

Invited Presentation, Gordon Research Conference on Unifying Ecology Across Scales, Manchester, NH. "General Statistical Scaling Laws for Stability in Ecological Systems." <link>

Seminar, Theoretical Ecology Seminar Series, "Measuring Ecological Stability in Systems without Static Equilibria". <link> <video>

Teaching Seminar, arQus School, Granada 2022. Biodiversity and Climate Change. <link>


Seminar, Dullinger/Essl Jour Fixe, "Ecological Stability, in Theory and Practice (… and in Nonstationary Systems)". <link>

Workshop, Graduate School and Postdoctoral Program of iDiv (yDiv), "Career Days: Career Lunch with iDiv Alumni".

Seminar, Doctoral Colloquium Climate Change Graz, University of Graz, Austria, "Contingent factors explain average divergence in functional composition over 88 years of old field succession". <link>

Seminar, Holt Lab Group, University of Florida, USA, "How Observation Scale Biases Estimates of Ecological Stability, and How to Fix it". <link> <video>

Seminar, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MA, USA, "Multidisciplinary Perspectives on COVID-19". <link>

Seminar, Centre for Ecological Research, Budapest, Hungary, "The Ecotones of Minnesota: Prairie, Savanna, and Forest, and all in 2200 ha". <link>

Seminar, Universität Graz, Institut für Biologie, "Ökologische Mischregion Minnesota: Prairie, Savanne, und Wald, und alles auf 2200 ha". <link>

Seminar, Masaryk University, Department of Botany and Zoology, "Chasing the Dragon, and two other methods: A general approach for measuring stability in complex ecological systems." <link>


Seminar, University of Graz, "Predicting ecological changes across space and time by putting theory into practice." <ppt>

Teaching Seminar, University of Graz, "Veränderung der Waldgrenze in den Alpen in Lichte des Klimawandels." <ppt>

Contributed Presentation, iDiv Annual Conference, "Leveraging scale to build empirically tractable theory and metrics of stability and coexistence." <pdf>

Invited Presentation, University of Oulu, "A more generalizable approach to scale-wise analysis of stable coexistence, or, Chasing the Dragon, and two other methods." <pdf>


Contributed Presentation, Ecological Society of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (GfÖ) Annual Meeting, Vienna, Austria. "Spatial and temporal scales confound tests of stable coexistence, but identify underlying mechanisms."


Invited Presentation, Utrecht University, "Identifying mechanisms that structure ecological communities." <pdf>

Minnesota Math Climate Seminar, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. "How can we define and identify stability - or persistence? - in diverse ecological communities?" <pdf>

PhD Defense, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. "Constraints and tradeoffs: Toward a predictive, mechanism-based understanding of ecological communities." <pdf> <video>

Invited Workshop, Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center Summer School, Einsiedeln, Switzerland. "Empirical Dynamic Modeling: Time Series Analysis for Predicting Future Dynamics and Testing Causal Links." <pdf>


Contributed Presentation, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD. "A predictive community ecology model for extrapolating from field observations to novel conditions." <pdf>

Contributed Presentation, World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling: Modeling and Sustainability of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Bordeaux, France. "Predicting communities from monocultures: How to maximize desired goods and services with available ecological information." <pdf>


Contributed Presentation, American Society of Naturalists meeting on integrating pattern and process to understand biodiversity, Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA. "Defining ecosystems by their interactions: Using process to demystify pattern." <pdf>


Contributed Presentation, International Biogeography Society special meeting on species associations, Montreal, QC, Canada. "Defining communities by their interactions: Using process to identify pattern." <pdf>

Contributed Presentation, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN. "Convergence and divergence in old field succession: Are there predictable trends in long-term dynamics?" <pdf>

IGNITE Presentation, "Succeeding with succession: Using ecological community dynamics to build low-impact biofuels." <pdf>


Contributed Poster, Long Term Ecological Research Network Meeting, Estes Park, CO. "Multiple Trajectories of old Field Succession at Cedar Creek." <pdf>

Contributed Presentation, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR. "When resident species resist displacement, invading species have ecologically distinct impacts on communities." <pdf>